Apple Aviation Connectivity


Apple Aviation Connectivity is an industry leading provider of Inflight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC) installation services. We offer customised installation and support services to any global location that provides airline operators with guaranteed performance at a fixed cost.

Installing state-of-the-art connectivity systems, Ku-band / Ka-band antenna and on-board distribution equipment quickly and efficiently requires both technological know-how and structured business processes. Our deep level of experience across the inflight connectivity sector provides us with the ability to install this technology to all aircraft types in the shortest time.

AAC offers modification of single aircraft or large fleets with industry leading turnaround times:

Ø  Ka band / Ku band connectivity systems installed in < 4 days.

Ø   ATG systems installed in < 15 hours.

Ø  W-IFE systems installed in < 12 hours.

Our agile delivery methods can be integrated with other aircraft maintenance and service requirements to achieve operational efficiencies that result in reduced grounding time and cost savings.

Our team provide full lifecycle services, from requirement analysis, engineering design, parts manufacture, site preparation, systems installation, program management, acceptance testing and commissioning, through to post-implementation support.

Engineering & design experience with connectivity system prototypes and STC issuance.

·         Kitting solutions offer optimised pre-assembled and ready-to-use kits.

·         Onboard IFEC maintenance support, service, and repairs.

·         Program management and engineering consultation services.

·         Line maintenance and technical advisory services.

·         Aircraft surveys, systems installation, and retrofit support.

·         Media loading and system provisioning services.

·         Return to lessor de-mod services.



Apple Aviation Partner with Boeing GoldCare

Apple Aviation is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Boeing in support of the Boeing GoldCare programme for the Boeing 737MAX and Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Apple Aviation is now part of a select group of companies world-wide participating in the global OEM program. As a Tier 1 partner in Boeing GoldCare, Apple Aviation will provide future line and base maintenance, plus AOG service support under its EASA/FAA 145 authorisation to Boeing 737MAX and 787 Customers.

Bernard Longman, Group Commercial Director of Apple Aviation commented; "Apple Aviation has been progressively expanding its aircraft and engine maintenance capabilities and the range of services offered since we were formed in 2010. We recognise the partnership with Boeing as a further key OEM relationship. Apple Aviation will deliver the highest Customer service level and strengthen the Boeing GoldCare Tier 1 network, we look forward to supporting the new generation of Boeing commercial aircraft".

The Boeing GoldCare programme is a flexible, power-by-the-hour based offering, comprising of engineering, material and maintenance programs for air operators. Under the programme, Boeing leads and integrates a global team to deliver maintenance, engineering and spares logistics tasks, with maintenance operations and logistics simplified. GoldCare Customers can focus on their passengers whilst knowing that their airplanes achieve maximum utilisation and are maintained to the highest standards of excellence by the Boeing GoldCare partners.

 More about Apple Aviation:

Apple Aviation (AAG) is a UK based MRO organisation with operations worldwide, approved by the UK CAA / EASA / FAA for Part 145 & Part M Services.

Services provided by Apple Aviation include Line and Base Maintenance, AOG Support, Aircraft Entry into Service, ACMI Support, Engine MRO Services, EASA Part M CAMO (including ARC and Pre-Purchase Inspections), Aircraft End of Life Solutions including Storage, Teardown and Recycling and Parts Processing.


Aircraft Teardown and Recycling